Tuesday, December 15, 2009

taxi service 2

Taxi service

Learning log 5 (2)

Another interesting thing that the reading talks about is the feeling of security in ones home. How the technology has changed so much compared to the recent past. For example climate controls. People have the ability to control even the temperature through an interface with feedback and sensory systems. This is a far step from building a fire. Also this can be useful because when taking things into consideration its important to consider how people will feel in a certain location. You can make people feel more comfortable by simply changing color or temperature and many other aspects of the space.

Learning log 5 (1)

The reading by McCullough was focusing in on how new technology can both simplify and complicate tasks. It also talks about how these technologies
act as medium gates and connections between "closed doors" for example, offices with video
feeds that link together office workers can simply transaction, instead of leaving your office you
can simply communicate through these objects. Also the reading talks about spaces and how
people can situate themselves. Overall this can be considered useful because its important to
maintain a balance of technology and physical objects or in some way simulating these physical

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

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